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An ethanol based disinfectant rinse for hands when soap wash is not possible. The product contains 80% ethanol, skin treating glycerin and essential eucalyptus oil. A light micro spray that is pleasant to use, doesn't stain, is sufficient and smells fresh.

The 4 liter container has substance for refilling a 350 ml pump bottle 11 times.

How to use

Spray the hand sanitizer on dry hands lightly and massage thoroughly until the alcohol has evaporated. Cleaning the hands is important in preventing infections. With this product you can keep your hands clean where ever you go and won't be needing water. This effective and mildly scented product suits sensitive skin.

Keep the substance away from the eyes, broken skin and mucous membranes. Easily flammable fluid and fume. Smoking and open fire is prohibited while using the hand sanitizer.


Ethanol 80%, glycerin that prevents the alcohol from drying up the skin and essential eucalyptus oil.

There are 4 different sizes of Euca hand sanitizers: 4 liter container, 500 ml + 50 ml spray bottle, 350 ml pump bottle and 150 ml spray bottle.


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