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Infrared is the solar heat it is safe and natural. Infrared Heat Therapy helps to treat pain in muscles and joints. Heat speeds up the metabolism and improves blood circulation, as well as lymphatic circulation. Infrared heat removes by heavy sweating a variety of toxins including heavy metals and gently cares about your skin, reduces cellulite, softens scar tissue and provides energy.
Alzheimer's disease and an infrared sauna - Petteri Pulkkinen text on
"We are with Eve purchased an infrared sauna in April 2012 and placed it in our living room. Sauna image can be found in newspaper articles in Helsingin Sanomat 15.4.2012 and from Marja Kronsin's New Infrared sauna guide.
We had two criteria to get our own infrared sauna:
1. Since the infrared sauna has positive health effects, then it is good for Alzheimer's disease. It is more comfortable and easy to struggle against Alzheimer's disease. In addition, with the least possible strain gets the maximum benefit.
2. (installation to the living room) Since Alzheimer stiffen and hinder the movement, it is easier to move to the sauna from the couch. There are no benches to climb and there is no fire hazard.
We have set up the sauna thermostat on 42 degrees, but we usually go inside when temperature reaches 30-40 degrees. We have been very satisfied with the infrared sauna. Many people have already got inspired of our living room's solution. It is the most stylish piece of furniture (made of alder and aspen) in our living room, and if it gets a healthy sauna experience, so what can be better .
We can watch television while sitting in the infrared sauna or listen to the radio. We paid for Infrared sauna 2,000 euros (exhibition piece, instead of 2300 €). The sauna brought guys installed the sauna in a couple of hours, a screwdriver was the only tool. If we ever move out of our house, we will take our infrared sauna with us. If at the time for somebody is not possible to buy infrared sauna, you can use infrared bags ( Fir65, sleeping bag size, LIFE- chain), which price is about EUR 500 and weigh of 8 kg.
We bought our infrared sauna from Parttia ( ), which operates in Kotka."
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