ecokoti® Washing powder, Lemongrass - refill package

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The package contains 500 g of the ecological lemongrass washing powder. With the package you can refill the glass container.

The refill package is an ecological act because it can be recycled with papers or be burned when it's empty.

Ecokoti® lemongrass washing powder is completely ecological and non-toxic.

The product can be used with the rainbow laundry or whites. Wash in 30-90 degree Celsius. Measure 1-2 tablespoons for 6-8 kg of laundry, put the substance into the laundry ball or the dispenser. The package has powder for 25-50 washes.

Tip! The powder is also meant for the stain removal. Mix a drop of water and the powder together which creates a pasty mixture. Scrub the stain with the mixture and then wash the cloth normally.

INCI: Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate, Sodium Carbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, Sea Salt, Lemongrass 100 % essential oil (Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil, *citral, *limonene) (*appears naturally in the essential oil)

Warning! Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate irritates the eyes strongly. If the powder comes in contact with the eyes, rinse them with generous amount of water for several minutes. Remove the contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing. Seek medical attention if the irritation continues.

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