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Hile sauna ice is like frosty ice or snow of spring. With Hile sauna ice you'll have a new experience and scent when you go to sauna - immensely refreshing. Hile sauna ice is a specialty and an interesting thing to try out. The menthol crystals are made out of synthetic mint oil. The crystal/snow is placed on the sauna stove with a spoon, or then it can also be added into ladle filled with water and then be thrown onto the sauna stones. The package includes distinct crystals and small crumbs which are the same substance as the crystals but have pulverized into form that resembles snow.

You'll get a nice, slowly spreading aroma into the sauna when you put a couple of small glitters or a small amount of sauna snow into a water filled sauna stove cup/ sauna boat. Hile sauna ice is plentiful because the crystals and snow are light and only a tiny crumb is needed - 15 g package has enough content for many sauna moments.

Attention! Don't throw the product directly onto the resistor of an electrical stove - The crystal might ignite because it's made out of essential mint oil!

The crystal will melt on the stones and release a fragrance of menthol and produce a bite of chilly air which is a fun contrast to the heat. The crystals can be handled with dry hands, with wet hands you can get menthol onto the skin which gives a strong cooling sensation. The safest way to handle the crystals is to use a spoon. The crystals should be stored in a closed container, don't let children touch them! The same kind of menthol is included in different kinds of ice gels and ointments which are used for muscle injuries. Hile sauna ice also opens the airways - it is good for flu season. Use carefully, start with a small amount, like one tiny crystal for example.

Attention! When the product comes in contact with the skin, it can cause an intensive cold sensation to the affected area and increase the blood circulation. However, this won't put the skin in danger. The effect will vanish after a while.


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