Birch Whisk packed in a fabric/plastic wrapping

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Dried Birch Whisk is made properly in the midsummer the way in which birch branches were collected in the birch grove. The branches are dried and packed in a fabric/plastic wrapping. This packaging is transport, storage and distribution sustainable. Packed Birch Whisk is a beautiful and neat gift, which can be even send by post. Birch Whisk is ready for use by soaking it in warm water WITH THE PACKAGE for about an hour. After that cut carefully the package with scissors and remove it. Finally, put the whisk into the water for a moment to open it. Whisk's length is about 50 cm. 

Beautiful Package Whisk is nice to give as a souvenir or a gift. The color of fabric may differ from the image and varies from green to natural white. Instructions in Finnish and in English.

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