Sauna Whisk - Relax & Hile Sauna ice

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Plastic Sauna Whisk - Relax endures usage at home and on a trip. Hile Sauna ice gives a frosty and fun experience when it's used in sauna. Enjoy relaxing and chilly sauna moments with the whisk.

Using the whisk helps the blood circulation and eases muscle tension. These whisks are hand made, made out of recycled material and are produced in Finland. Sauna Whisk - Relax can be used anywhere and anytime. Buy it for home use or as a homecoming gift for a cottage.

Hile Sauna ice has the form of menthol crystals and is produced by freezing and synthetically from mint oil, so it is 100% natural product. The menthol opens a stuffy nose and freshens the sauna. Hile Sauna ice is a strong substance so use it carefully. Start with a small grain and place it on the stones of a sauna stove or a sauna stove cup. The menthol crystals don't dissolve into cold water so don't put them sauna bucket. The package contains 30 g of menthol crystals.

The material of Sauna Whisk - Relax: Plastic PE-LD (+90C > -10C). The material can be recycled or disposed with the energy waste.

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