Pink Himalayan Salt Crystal Chunks - approx 300 g

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Salt Crystal Chunks you can use for example with sauna boat. Add a few chunks of crystal salt into the sauna boat and hung it above the stove (about 60 cm high). Do not add any water into the boat at the same time.

The sauna warm and humid steam remove the salt particles into the air. Himalayan salt works in sauna as an ioniser and purifier
Take care of your skin, lungs and respiratory system. Salt particles facilitate sauna experience for allergics and asthmatics
If you do not use salt crystals in a sauna boat, then put a few salt pieces on the sauna bench. But remember to use some kind of plate, because salt may stain the benches while melting
Gift idea for allergic family: Viking salt sauna boat, which includes Himalayan Salt Crystal Chunks and helps to breathe easier in the sauna.


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