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If you have no idea what kind of detergent you are looking for in a store, choose Euca. It's an all-purpose detergent that can ne used in all kind of cleaning purposes. Nothing else is needed!

With it you can do the laundry, clean the house, wash the dishes, freshen up the sanitary facilities, remove stains from the clothes etc. Behind Euca's unique cleaning attributes are ethanol and the essential eucalyptus oil. Together these two form a disinfectant effect. The product doesn't contain preservatives, anti-mold agents, phosphates, zeolite or pigments. The fresh scent of eucalyptus is a bonus.

By buying the double package you get Euca hand sanitizer 150 ml!


The substance is vegan and isn't tested with animals.


FOR SAUNA CLEANING AND THE WHOLE HOUSE -  a capful for a bucket of water

With Euca you can clean sauna and all the waterproof surfaces of the house. Euca doesn't contain soap so it can be used in washing laminate flooring. With Euca you can also brighten up and clean the windows. Just add a small amount of the substance into a bucket of water and wash normally - rinsing is not required.

Put 0,5 cm of Euca to the bottom of an empty bottle and then fill it up with water = now you have a cleaning spray!


The sweaty workout clothes, smelly sneakers of the teenagers, the technical outdoor clothing - everything freshens up and becomes clean with Euca and at the same time the detergent cleanses the musty washing machine! The essential eucalyptus oil is an evaporating oil, so it doesn't leave detergent remnants and dried up laundry only smells fresh.

FOR LAUNDRY - 30 ml for one wash

Euca brightens up the colors of clothes and cleans them thoroughly, use the recommended water temperatures that are presented in the washing instructions. It's recommended that the sweaty clothes are first placed in a bucket filled with cold water and Euca. Then soak the clothes overnight and wash them normally with Euca in the washing machine. With Euca you can also clean the blankets and toys of dogs/cats. With carpet washing (rag rugs and cotton rugs) Euca is an excellent choice; it washes off easily, leaves a good scent and brings out the colors.


Pour the undiluted substance on a ballpoint pen's stain, a stain from berries, a coffee stain or a rust stain for example. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then soak the cloth and finally put it in the washing machine. Before washing, check that the fabric withstands the machine wash.

With Euca you can remove bad odors from the washing machine. Put two capfuls of the detergent into a normal wash that is 60 degree Celsius. A couple of washes should be enough to freshen up the inside of the washing machine. There are many causes for the bad odor but usually the cause of this is the zeolite in the detergent that builds up in the structure of the machine.

The pH of Euca is neutral. A substance is considered neutral is the pH is between 6-8. Substances like this are safe and suitable for most waterproof surfaces.

Ingredients of Euca: Aqua, Ethanol 5-15%, essential eucalyptus oil and biodegradable surfactants.

Manufacturer Green Bee Oy www.greenbee.fi



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