Euca - Wash Concentrate - 450 ml

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Euca wash concentrate - ecological detergent

Euca detergent concentrate includes essential eucalyptus oil, which is naturally disinfecting. Euca helps to remove the stains and freshens your home thoroughly. Eucan can be used to clean surfaces, floors, dishes etc. You can also make a cleaning spray out of it, by diluting 1/4th – ½ capfuls of Euca to 0,5L of water.

Euca washes carpets clean and it can be used as detergent for multi-coloured fabric in the washing machine. Euca concentrate will freshen and brighten the colours of clothes. Use only max two capfuls of the concentrate in the washing machine. Euca is not recommended for continuous use for white clothes, since it does not contain bleach. Euca concentrate does not contain preservatives or phosphates. 

Try also to remove the stains of: ball-point pen, berry stains, coffee, rust, etc. Pour undiluted Euca on stain - let it soak for a couple of hours and wash in a washing machine with Euca. Always check first that the fabric will withstand washing in a machine. You can also freshen a smelly washing machine with Euca: put 2 capfuls of Euca and wash at normal 60 degrees cycle - a couple of washes is usually enough to brighten up the machine. The bad odour of a washing machine can be caused by many reasons, but often it is the zeolite which is contained in the detergent. Zeolite can accumulate in the machine. Euca concentrate does not contain any zeolite.

Euca concentrate's PH is neutral, PH value of it is between 6-8. These kinds of products are safe to use and are suitable for most water-resistant surfaces.

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