Crystallized sodium - 2,7 kg

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Pre-treat wooden surfaces before painting with crystallized sodium. It effectively removes grease and dirt. Also stone floors, stairs and bathrooms may be washed odorless with this non-toxic product. Too hard water can be soften with crystallized sodium - many swimming pools use it to soften the water. Burned food can be removed easily from pots and pans when those are soaked in water with crystallized sodium. Dishes can be washed with this product, which brighten them, for example steel dish. Thermoses are difficult to clean: put a tablespoon of crystallized sodium inside and fill thermos with hot water, allow to soak for a while and empty thermos, rinse throughly.

Crystallized sodium does not foam and it easily washes away by rinsing. It is an odorless product, so it is also suitable for allergics. Crystallized sodium is non-toxic and eco-friendly, and moreover is easy to use! Try also for removing moss from brick roofs!

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