Caustic Soda - 500 g

Caustic Soda - 500 g

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Contains 98-100% of Sodium hydroxide, pH 14.0 . Highly corrosive.

The beautiful matte surface by lye. Lye prevents yellowing of the wood without compromising its structure. Solution contains 5% of sodium hydroxide and lime, the remaining 95 % is water. Both before starting work and during the surfaces treatment, solution must be thoroughly mixed: on the bottom of the can should not be left any lime scale. Apply the solution to the floor with synthetic fiber brush. A suitable band width to be painted is, for example, three board's width: that is painted from end to end and then start the next one, the same wide range. When the entire floor is painted once, allow it to dry and paint then onto the second layer . When the floor is dry after the second time for long enough - preferably the next day - the surface can be sanded . The aim is to get all the lime coarser out. The tool is floor cleaning machine and a red scouring pad. As the unpainted floor sanding, it can also be made by hands. After polishing and vacuuming the surface is pale and milky. Polished floors can be oiled twice with red scouring pad. The surface must be allowed to dry between applications. If at some point appears a dry point , you have to add immediately some more oil. The second time spreading the oil is spent considerably less than in the first . The oil is allowed to penetrate into the wood 5-10 minutes, after which the excess rubbed off with an absorbent rag and allowed to dry complitely.

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