ecokoti® Washing powder 700 g, Scentless

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Ecokoti washing powder is ecological, non-toxic and biodegradable. The fat content of this vegan washing powder is zero. It doesn't contain fat based soaps, zeolite, phosphate, pigments or preservatives. The product doesn't accumulate into the dispenser or the tubing of the washing machine. It dissolves well into water that is 30 degree Celsius.

Nowadays, the clothing doesn't get as dirty as it used to. One tablespoon of the powder is enough for a wash. The dirtier laundry (sweaty clothes, workwear) need around two tablespoons. The package contains powder for 40 washes.

Ecokoti washing powder is packed into a glass bottle that has a measuring spoon. The spoon is made out of stainless steel. You can also buy a refill package.



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