Ruusunen sauna/bath salts 300 g

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Natural skin care in a sauna with the Ruusunen bath salts. Ruusunen bath salts are gently administered on washed skin, after which you go into the sauna where the sea salt and the essential oils will be absorbed. The result is a soft and fragrant skin. Because Ruusunen sauna salts contains genuine essential oils, they have a softening and healing effect on the skin as well as a naturally sweet rosy scent. Easy luxury for the home sauna! Ruusunen salts can also be put in a small cup on the benches where the essential oils will evaporate in the heat and spread a lovely rosy scent into the sauna. Ruusunen salts can also be put in a linen closet or in the bathroom in a small bag to freshen the air and bring a sweet scent.

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