Sauna Drops Eucamenthol 10 ml

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Sauna Drops EucaMenthol is a fresh sauna fragrance that is guaranteed to open a blocked nose and makes breathing easier. Sauna Drops contains the essential eucalyptus oil, which is an antiseptic and disinfectant, as well as menthol oil, which is a strong flu-blocker.

Sauna drops are made of natural essential eucalyptus and menthol oils. It is aromatic, antiseptic and respiratory tract opening drops. When you pour it on the stove you can get all the good qualities of the steam. You can also pour a few drops of fragrance to a small sauna cup or to a ceramic angel, which is placed on the window or sauna benches. Sauna fragrance spreads a pleasant scent in your steam room. Essential oils are powerful, pour them with care and try on the beginning with a few drops only. Do not pour drops directly on the stove. Keep out of reach of children. You can use these drops for the inhalation, since it is 100% essential oil and there is no alcohol or other additives.


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