Women Bachelor Set for Sauna

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Bachelor Sauna is very fun and popular tradition in Finland, because you does not have to sing karaoke or dress funny. Just relax and pamper yourself and do magic for a happy future. Bridal sauna has many traditions of magic, for example, to ensure fidelity in marriage. This wonderful set includes Miss Sauna Sauna Hat - for the bride to protect her hair and shoulders from sauna heat; Beauty Bath Salt - the bride is washed her past life away with this salt and treated her skin, making it glowing soft and fragrant; Anti-Cellulite Sauna Honey - which will finish skin care; and heavy stone egg, which is a symbol of fertility. Set also has instructions for a variety of organic treatments and fun magics. Bride will remember this special sauna evening for a long time, she also gets for herself a sauna hat and a stone egg, which she can put under the pillow on her wedding night, to bring a fertility. Colour of Sauna Hat's flowers varies and may differ from the image.
Bridal sauna is also ideal for lambasting - sauna experience, where you get a massage by different whisks - overall well-being. For Lambasting is best suited large, airy, durable and comfortable oak whisk. You can find all kinds of whisks at section, named "sauna whisks". Lambasting is particularly popular in Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.
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