Dried Oak Whisk

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Excellent Oak Sauna Whisk for your sauna experience! Oak Whisks are perfectly suitable for those who love increased heat. Their leaves are broad and firm. They easily build up heat for a thorough warm-up of the human body. Oak whisks are mainly suitable for people who have problems with their skin. Oak leaves contain tanning substances, which have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. After you relax in a steam room, your skin will become matte and elastic. Oak flavour hinders the extreme elevation of arterial blood pressure in the steam room, which is why the people who are prone to hypertensions as well as those who do physical exercise are well advised to use oak whisks. Inhaling the oak flavour can calm nerves, relieve stress, and boost spirits.

Remove the package of the whisk and soak it in a hot water for about an hour.

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